Sr. High Social Studies with Mr. Stroh

Hey there!

    The Benevolent Overlord Himself I’m Mr. Stroh and I teach the Social  Studies courses here at Kootenai Sr. High School.  These include my core classes of Senior Government, Junior US History, and Junior Economics.  I also teach a World History/Geography elective course annually and a rotating schedule of elective courses including Military History, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Humanities, Contemporary World Issues, History of Rock & Roll, History Through Film, Mythology and Folklore, and Leadership.  Teaching is my passion in life and my style of teaching encourages as much student-dialogue, discussion, and presentation as we can manage.  This helps students to better understand themselves, collaborate and debate with their peers, and overall, come to comprehend and be productive citizens in the world in which they live.

     I grew up in St. Maries, Idaho and graduated from St. Maries High School in 2004.  I attended the University of Idaho, studying my primary joys of History, Education, and Philosophy.  I’ve also taken—and thoroughly enjoyed—Psychology, Political Science, Economics, and Geography courses during my summers to attain my Social Studies teaching endorsement.  In college, I worked for the US Forest Service on Silviculture, Timber, Recreation, and Wildland Firefighting crews.  After college, I moved to Seattle, Washington and worked for Southwest Airlines and volunteered at the Museum of History and Industry.  My teaching career began in 2012 at Mount Tahoma High School in Tacoma, Washington teaching history.  I later moved to Fife, Washington where I taught Social Studies and coached baseball at Columbia Jr. High School for four years. 

     In 2017 I returned to Idaho and got married to the love of my life; she and I have been together now for 11 years.  I have always loved this area, its beauty and its people.  I enjoy swimming, floating the ‘Joe’, boating, lounging in the hammock, fishing, reading, skiing, and playing D&D with my best friends whom I consider my brothers.   

Here are the list of courses that I am teaching in the 2021-2022 School Year:

1st Period: History of Rock & Roll  (Military History in 2nd Sem.)       

2nd Period: World History/Geography 

3rd Period: US Government 

4th Period: US History

5th Period: Economics (Mythology and Folklore in 2nd Sem.)

7th Period: Contemporary World Issues (Philosophy in 2nd Sem.)